Sherwood and Washington Buildings

Both Sherwood and Washington Elementary Schools are being replaced with state of the art new schools. Prototypical designs for these facilities will create significant savings in design, construction and operations. The new facilities will accommodate community use with ample parking, large capacity gymnasiums and public meeting spaces. A great deal of thought and planning has gone into making these new facilities fit within their congested residential neighborhoods. Parking and student drop-off areas are designed to increase safety and reduce congestion. The new schools have been carefully planned so that school can continue uninterrupted in the old facilities while construction takes place. Work on both Sherwood and Washington will start in the spring of 2015 and they will be ready for the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year.

Washington & Sherwood Heights Elementary Schools

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Exterior Rendering Interior Rendering
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
Sherwood Heights Site Plan Washington Site Plan

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