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Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High School is a public school (part of the Pendleton School District) that offers a variety of educational options for  high school students. We are located at the old Hawthorne School, a facility shared by Head Start and the InterMountain ESD/Lifeways Day Treatment program. Students are provided a free breakfast each morning.

Due to the fact many students enroll in Hawthorne severely credit-deficient, students are able to individualize their schedules based on their academic needs. Flexibility with scheduling offers many students an opportunity to work at a pace that allows them to recover credits and make progress toward completing their academic plans.

This year, the Pendleton School District has made a number of technological upgrades to the Hawthorne Alternative facility. These upgrades include the instillation of two computer labs, two classroom Smart Boards, as well as new document cameras. As a result, Hawthorne staff members are able to offer a variety of learning opportunities for students. Throughout the day students have the opportunity to participate in both traditional classes, and online learning opportunities through OdessyWare.

Students interested in attending Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High School are required to fill out an application. Following the application process, the School Referral Team will evaluate the application in order to identify whether or not placement at Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High School is appropriate. At that time, program options for each student will be determined on an individual basis. The application process includes a referral meeting with program staff in order to complete paperwork, including a student conduct policy contract.

Students at Hawthorne are held to conduct standards consistent with the mission of the PSD. Staff members at Hawthorne are committed to helping students attend school regularly and conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Policies have been created and are in place to help students with attendance and/or behavior difficulties.

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