Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Overview

Through the past year and half the Pendleton School District has been engaged in the development of a Strategic Plan. Under the facilitation of Koch Consulting the process was launched. To gain a sense of current practices, to identify positive attributes of the district, and to identify areas in need of improvement, the facilitators conducted sensing interviews with approximately 300 patrons, parents, students, and staff, who represented a cross section of the school district.

Using the information gathered from the sensing interviews, an Initial Strategic Planning Team of 25 members completed the first phase of our Strategic Planning process. The outcome from this planning phase, developed through a consensus process, was very substantive and of high quality. The School Board adopted the Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs, and Strategic Initiatives developed in Phase One.

The next phase of the process was to share the outcomes from the first planning phase with all interested employees and community members. Volunteers were then recruited to serve on Action Planning Teams. These teams developed action plans for the Strategic Initiatives defined by the Initial Strategic Planning Team.

The process of developing a strategic plan included a separation of function and authority: The Initial Strategic Planning Team described the vision of what Pendleton School District will become; next the Action Planning Teams described how to make that vision a reality. For every Strategic Initiative contained in the Strategic Plan, an action team of ten to fifteen people was formed – including people who were not on the Initial Strategic Planning Team – to create operational plans to implement that strategy. These teams worked three to four months to create the detailed plans. At the end of that time, these action plans were presented by the action team leaders to the Initial Strategic Planning Team and ultimately to the School Board.

The Pendleton School Board adopted the Strategic Plan in June 2008. The Strategic Plan will establish the focus for Pendleton School Districts’ energies for the next five years. It is clear that the local commitment is ever strong to sustain the high level of program for which Pendleton Schools have long been recognized. The Strategic Plan will provide the blue print for assurance that our schools remain current and that our students are fully equipped for success in the 21st Century.

The direction is set! With effective use of our time, efforts, and resources we are confident the results will enhance our total education system. We express appreciation for all participants in every stage of the process for the commitment to improving Pendleton Schools.

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