Shoe Souls Program

Shoe Souls provides new and gently-used shoes for children in need in the Pendleton School District. This program is a joint effort between the Pendleton School District Counselors and the Morrow-Umatilla Retired Educators Association. It was founded in 1998 by Jim Hendricks, a retired Pendleton businessman, who saw a need in the community.

School counselors recommend children who need shoes to the program. These children may not be able to afford shoes for school, or they may come to school with inappropriate shoes or their shoes may break or become damaged while at school. Thanks to generous donations from around the community, counselors are able to fit these children with appropriate shoes for school.

How You Can Help

Where to Drop Off Donations

For more information about the Shoe Souls program, contact:

Lona Odom (Morrow-Union Retired Educators Association): 541-276-5058 or

Lisa Roberts (School Counselor): 541-966-3056 or

107 NW 10th Street | Pendleton, OR 97801

(541) 276-6711 | FAX:(541) 278-3208

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