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The Pendleton School District is committed to meeting the needs of students with disabilities through a coordinated continuum of programs and services. The District implements an ongoing system to locate, identify and evaluate all children birth to 21 residing within its jurisdiction who have disabilities and need early intervention, early childhood special education, or special education services (click here to read the Child Find notice). District Initiatives such as Response to Intervention, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, instruction based on power standards and common formative assessments provide opportunities for general and special education teachers to collaboratively support students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Licensed special education teachers at each school manage provision and delivery of services. Each school in the District has one or more learning centers (resource rooms) for students who need to be pulled into specialized learning environments to receive specially designed instruction. Additionally our district offers more intensive learning environments for students who need a curriculum significantly different than available in general education settings with learning center supports. These more intensive learning environments are called Intensive Learning Centers with either a functional academic curricular or emotional/behavioral support focus.

The Pendleton School District collaborates with local agencies to access needed services for students and families. The District partners with InterMountain Education Service District (IMESD) for provision of specialist services such as speech and language, school psychology, autism, occupational and physical therapy, hearing, vision, assistive technology, etc. as well as Early Childhood Special Education identification and services. The District is also a member agency of the Umatilla County Wraparound Project, which facilitates access and coordination of mental health and associated supports to children and families.

Below you will find the list of schools with the names of principals and special education teachers at each school. There are links related to resources for staff, information for parents, and links for learning at school and home located at the bottom of the page.

Julie Smith

Special Education Coordinator


Melody Rosenberg

Administrative Assistant/Data Manager


Special Education Information by School:

Lincoln Primary School
(541) 276-2351
Principal-Lori Hale
Special Education Teacher-Gretchen McKay

McKay Creek Elementary
Principal: Aimee VanNice
Special Education Teachers-Corrina Robinson, Jennie Olsen

Sherwood Elementary
Principal: Theresa Owens
Special Education Teachers-Karen Brown, Angela Johnston, Katherine Ryder

Washington Elementary
Principal-Curt Thompson
Special Education Teachers-Janet Vaupel-Moody, Betty Townsend

West Hill Intermediate
Principal-Brenda Geisen
Special Education Teacher-Maria Davis

Sunridge Middle School
Principal-Matt Yoshioka
Special Education Teachers-Chad Patterson, Nick Leonard, Deena Nelson, Megan Hamada

Pendleton High School
Principal-Dan Greenough
Special Education Teachers-Beth Smith, Judi Emerick, Karin Power

Alternative Education
Special Education Teacher-Megan Proudfoot

Homestead Youth Lodge
Special Education Teacher-Megan Proudfoot


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