Special Education

Special Programs Department

The Special Programs Department oversees Special Education, English Learner Services, 504 Accessibility Supports and Long Term Care and Treatment Programs in the Pendleton School District.

Julie Smith
Special Programs Director
(541) 966-3262

Melody Rosenberg
Student Services Secretary
(541) 966-3261

Special Education Program

Pendleton School District provides a comprehensive special education program in conjunction and collaboration with General Education to ensure students develop skills and strategies for becoming independent productive citizens of the community through fluid and invisible inclusive services, supportive practices and effective instruction.

English Learner Program

Our overarching program goal for English Learners is competency in reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding interpersonal and academic English in order to achieve academic competency in the essential skills of reading, writing, math and science through classroom instruction in English.

504 Accessibility Supports

School Child Development Specialists or Counselors are the primary contact at the school for Section 504 referrals. Section 504 is a nondiscrimination statute that addresses discriminatory actions such as different treatment, denials of access, disability-based harassment, and requires that disabled persons be provided equal opportunities as nondisabled persons. To ensure an equal opportunity for qualified public school children with disabilities, the Section 504 regulations require that a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) be provided. 

School Contacts

School Phone Name Position
Lincoln Primary School 541-276-2351 Matt Yoshioka Principal
    Maria Davis Special Education Teacher
    Trina Merriman Child Development Specialist
McKay Creek Elementary 541-966-3000 Ronda Smith Principal
    Jennie Olsen
Katherine Gillem
Special Education Teachers
    Patti Thorne Child Development Specialist
Sherwood Heights Elementary 541-276-1165 Theresa Owens Principal
    Karen Brown
Angela Johnston
Kat Ryder
Special Education Teachers
    Lisa Roberts Child Development Specialist
Washington Elementary 541-276-2241 Aimee VanNice Principal
    Janet Vaupel-Moody
Betty Townsend
Special Education Teachers
    Corrina Robinson Child Development Specialist
West Hills Intermediate School 541-966-3950 Brenda Giesen Principal
    Maria Davis Special Education Teacher
    Brenda Giesen Child Development Specialist
Sunridge Middle School 541-276-4560 David Williams Principal
    Nicholas Leonard
Chad Patterson
Deena Nelson
Jill Pitt
Special Education Teachers
    Jessica Charlton Counselor
Pendleton High School 541-966-3800 Dan Greenough Principal
    Beth Smith
Judi Emerick
Myrah Carey
Megan Proudfoot
Special Education Teachers
    Greg Whitten
Karen Demianew
Ron Murphy
Nixyaawii Community School 541-966-2680 Ryan Heinrich Principal
    Megan Proudfoot Special Education Teacher
Hawthorne Alternative School 541-966-3378 Curt Thompson Principal

Megan Proudfoot

Special Education Teacher

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